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My first photography DD!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2017, 8:37 AM
I am super excited right now! I just got on to check my messages and found out I got my first ever DD for photography! I got a DD for a stock photo a few years ago, but I have been trying to get one for photography for some time now. Thank you everyone for your support! :D

This is the photo:
Tiger 2 by EdgedFeather

What makes it even better: I took this photo the last time I saw my sister when I visited her in Pittsburgh. This definitely perked me up today! :D

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On Monday, the worst of the worst happened. We lost two of our birds, Congo our dark phase male Augur Buzzard, and Pepper, our Female Harris Hawk. It was incredibly sudden and unexpected. We almost lost our Lanner Falcon, Zanzibar, and my Red Tailed Hawk, Thief, as well. They all got hit with West Nile Virus. Congo and Pepper passed shortly after getting them to the vet. It was a terrible day. I can't believe that I will never be harassed by Congo again...

The other birds are doing well, and Thief and Zanzibar have almost made a full recovery already.


Congo 25 by EdgedFeather Congo 24 by EdgedFeather Congo 3 by EdgedFeather


Pepper 8 by EdgedFeather Pepper 4 by EdgedFeather Pepper 6 by EdgedFeather
Things the past few weeks have been a little rough. Starting with my rat, then my hawk, then my other rat, and finally ending with a horse.

My one rat Oreo had a tumor, just a benign mammary tumor. She had it for a few months. But she started losing weight very suddenly and wasn't acting like herself. My vet tech friend and I were thinking it may have just been her time, she is about two and half years old. Not exceptionally old, but by no means young at all. I ended up discovering she had actually broken one of her upper teeth and that her bottom teeth were overgrown, causing her to be unable to eat. After we discovered it, we got her teeth trimmed down and she started improving. BUT since she was malnourished, she started to develop necrosis on her tumor (basically, it was starting to die on her.) It smelled AWFUL. So we decided that as soon as she started gaining more weight, we would have to have it removed ASAP. She gained a little weight, so she had the surgery. It went well, and they removed the tumor, which weighed 91 grams. They used some of her own skin cover the the area the tumor was. But due to a lack of blood flow to the skin, it all died on her. She recovered from that well, but again, she smelled TERRIBLE.

She grew new skin and the old stuff fell off over time. She started having issues eating again though, so I took her in to get her teeth looked at. Her one bottom tooth was getting pushed back by her upper teeth, and her upper teeth were a little crooked. We got them all trimmed again and I brought her home. She was still having trouble and looked like her mouth was bothering her still. So I looked and inspected her mouth. She had a little bump, sort of like a bead under her skin, by her jaw. I took her in, and it turned out it was an abscess tooth. They pulled the tooth. So now she has stitches along her jawline. I feel TERRIBLE for putting her through all this, but she is finally starting to feel so much better and acting like herself again.

Then my hawk got attacked by a wild Red Tailed Hawk while we were out hunting. He seemed fine for several days after in incident, but the other day I noticed his feathers were a little matted, indicating an open wound. Turned out the wild bird slice open part of his wing. I took him into the vet and got it cleaned up and he got some antibiotics. He should be fine, but he has to take a few days off to help recover.

Then yesterday, my OTHER rat, Mocha, had this awful gasping attack. She could hardly breathe and scared the crap out of me. It lasted for nearly an hour. I did anything I could, which included getting a hold of an inhaler and puffing it for her to breathe to help clear her airway. She had gasped like that the other day, but it only lasted a minute, so I didn't think anything of it. She has never shown any signs of being sick at all, but I suspect it may be some sort of respiratory infection that she just kept well hidden. So now she is on antibiotics to help clear it up.

Lastly, we woke up to one of our horses down and colicing this morning. He was 35 years old. I was there alone because my boss (the horses owner) had a meeting he absolutely had to go to. At that time, we didn't think it was too serious. We called the vet and she came out to look at him. After some poking and prodding (literally), she came to the conclusion his large intestine was displaced. She said it was POSSIBLE to reverse it if it wasn't too bad with special treatment at their facility, but it was more likely to be a surgical issue based on how distressed and in pain he was. We had to make the hard decision to put him down as it was incredibly likely he wouldn't survive surgery.
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Yesterday was a pretty rough day. We made the decision to put our Gyrfalcon, Ghenghis, to sleep. He was somewhere in his mid 20's and had been having a bit of a hard time getting around. He lived a great, long life doing everything from hunting, to breeding, and education. We noticed a while back that he was having a hard time jumping from the ground up to his perch. Lately, he has spent almost all day long laying down, not even wanting to stand up when we need to pick him up. Then he started having a hard time balancing on our glove when we carry him. He couldn't close he feet anymore either.

So we made the hard decision to have him put down before he couldn't function at all anymore. We didn't want him to suffer at all. I cried the whole time and held him the whole drive home... Now I need to make him a grave marker. 

Goodbye Ghenghis, you were such a great bird. :(

Ghenghis 2 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 3 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 4 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 5 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 6 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 7 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 8 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 9 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 10 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 10 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 11 by EdgedFeather  Ghenghis 12 by EdgedFeather
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It's been quite a while since I wrote a real journal entry and quite a few things have happened in the past month or two. We got back to Oklahoma about 2 weeks ago. We have been working pretty hard trying to get some new bird chambers up and getting the ranch back into working order since no one has been here for a few months now. 

So I guess first thing's first. On the second to last weekend of the Pa Ren Faire, during our last show of the day, my boyfriend proposed to me. It was pretty exciting and I cried in front of the audience. Then I had to quickly gather myself and continue with the show. So, I am now engaged :)

Secondly, we have been working on getting a rehab Screech Owl and a rehab American Kestrel. I will try to post photos of them when I can. It will be pretty neat to work with such small birds as I am used to larger ones. 

Which leads me onto my next thing! I went to my first falconry meet! It was the NAFA meet in Hutchinson, Kansas. I was only there for a day, but I got to meet some of my internet friends and make some new friends too! It was really awesome to go out on a hunt with other people and get photos of their birds. I just wish I could have stayed longer! Next year I plan to stay the whole time since it will be in Oklahoma :) My highlight was catching a rabbit with my bare hand! :D

I also trapped a new red tail! We decided Titus, my first red tail, would be better suited for education due to all his health problems early on in his life. We believe he is now either an imprint, or a partial imprint. I decided I wanted to start over with a new, healthy bird. So I went out and trapped a very handsome male red tail, whom I named Thief. He is really pale, and very smart. I have had him for a little less than a full week and he is already pretty much fully trained. I will be free flying him for the first time either today or tomorrow. :)

I guess that's all for now! I haven't had much time to work on art lately, but I should start having some more free time soon.
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